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Larry LaVoie was born in a small town in Oregon and spent his teen years in McMinnville, Oregon. He attended McMinnville High School and earned letters in Football and Track. He joined the Oregon national Guard and latter attended Portland State College where he majored in Chemistry. He spent most of his career in engineering for major Aerospace companies and has patents in Titanium Metals processing. He co-founded Titanium Products with his his wife Anna. Most of his writing reflects small town life, his technical background, and his love of a good mystery. His love for research is reflected in his novels such as his techno-thriller Caldera where he spent a week with Yellowstone volcanologists learning what goes on behind the scenes in the National Park. He tries to make his novels technically accurate when possible. When writing Threads of the Shroud, he researched the Shroud of Turin and its history to provide credibility to the novel.

 Larry likes to read mystery, action adventure, thriller and suspense novels. His characters reflect his love of placing good average people into extraordinary circumstances. “How do you pick your characters for a particular novel, I’ve been asked," Larry says. And the question is a difficult one to answer. “I look at the story I’m going to write and determine who would best fit in the story. Sometimes characters are a composite of people I’ve known, but mostly they are a creation of my imagination. I try to develop characters who would be uncomfortable with the situations I am going to place them in. I like nothing better than to drop my character in the middle of a crises that he or she doesn’t know how to handle.”

Larry now resides in Klamath Falls, Oregon with his wife Anna.

When he is not writing, Larry enjoys traveling and has visited several European countries and is trying to see as much of the United States as possible. He enjoys Bowling and is active in tournament bowling and has participated in the USBC National tournament for the past several years.



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