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Daniel Tait receives a phone call. His grandfather is dead.  But the aging man did not die of natural causes and has left a clue to his death in a baffling message written in his own blood. As Tait and young gifted detective September Gale sort through the bizarre riddle, they are stunned to find a trail of clues that leads to a secret of the Shroud of Turin hidden away for centuries.

The stakes are raised when Tait discovers his grandfather unknowingly possesses an ancient crucifix that may hold the clue to his death. Tait and Gale find themselves in a race against time and fighting for their lives against an enemy with international ties and willing to murder to gain possession of the crucifix.

From the first page to the unpredictable conclusion Threads of the Shroud is an exciting and intriguing read by veteran story teller and author of ten other novels, Larry LaVoie. Link to: Amazon, Barns and Noble, Smashwords


Six-hundred-thousand years ago the largest volcano in the Western hemisphere erupted covering much of what is now the Central United States in a thick layer of ash. The explosion left behind a massive caldera that today is known as Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone volcanologist Milton Bainbridge has discovered Yellowstone is about to erupt and millions of Americans in thirteen states will parish if they cannot be evacuated from the deadly path of the fallout. Bainbridge mysteriously dies, leaving his assistant, Carlene Carlson, and volcanologist, Jason Trask to save the United States from the worst natural disaster in its history. Trask and Ms. Carlson face off against a government unwilling to believe an eruption is eminent and a terrorist group that is conspiring to topple the United States government in the aftermath of the eruption.
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Caldera on Amazon, Barns &NobleSmashwords


LAPD Detective Tony Lake stumbles across a strange missing person case and in his dogged effort to solve it, discovers a once prominent plastic surgeon and his half brother have devised a method to change peoples identities, but for each identity change someone must die. The death of a child forces Lake to confront his own personal failures as he faces off against those who are plotting to make him their next victim.

The stakes could never be higher for Lake when he wakes up one day and looks in the mirror to see a murderer, a child killer and the very person he has been chasing.

Lake takes Portland Detective Jodie Fox into his confidence, but in doing so puts her in the grasp of the serial killer she is searching for. With those closest to him convinced he is a serial killer, Tony Lake must convince them they are wrong or spend his life on death row.

Fear Not thine Image is a fast moving thriller and an easy read with a rewarding conclusion. Link to: Amazon, Barns&Noble, Smashwords

 Leap Of Faith is the first in the Chad Beckman mystery series. Chad Beckman is running for mayor against a corrupt administration. He lost his wife of twenty-five years nearly two years earlier and to pass the lonely hours turns to fly fishing where he happens across Linda Strainer and the sparks begin to fly. Linda, a local artist, is painting a landscape in the exact spot where Chad always fishes. The two hear gunshots and witness a murder in progress. Chad and Linda are thrown together by circumstance and necessity and their relationship turns from adversarial to close friendship as they struggle to keep their identity from the killers.  

To make matters worse the local newspaper publishes Chad and Linda’s story. The once tranquil Oregon Coast community of Bay View suddenly becomes a hotbed of crime and intrigue as the murderer and his inept accomplice search for Chad and Linda.

Bay View has other secrets. A long dead body is discovered stuffed in the brickwork of a building after a suspicious fire. The building is owned by the corrupt mayor. Chad’s friend Blake is arrested for murder and may be the key that unlocks the mystery as to why there are so many murders in the small community. Link to: Amazon, Barns&Noble, Smashwords


Lesser OF Two Evils is the second novel in the Chad Beckman Mystery Series.

From his cell on death row, serial killer James Jensen closes the society page of the local paper. He has found the perfect way to exact revenge on Chad Beckman, the man who put him in prison. Chad Beckman is about to be married to artist Linda Strainer and it will be the perfect opportunity to kill Chad Beckman.

Chad Beckman, newly elected mayor of Bay View, is intent on putting aside the daily hassle of fighting a corrupt city government long enough for his wedding and honeymoon.

Now, instead of fighting corruption or getting married, Beckman is fighting for his life against an unknown enemy, the brother of serial killer James Jensen. Link to: Amazon, Barns&Noble, Smashwords


Cody Bryant has a love life that is faltering, a brother who is dying and the toughest decision of his life staring him in the face.

When he tries to do the right thing for his brother, he is rewarded by a string of events that make his life unravel before his very eyes. Before long all that Cody learned in engineering school about solving problems is turned on its head.

Now, in jail on trial for his life, Cody must rely on his mentally challenged brother, the one who got him into the mess, to save him.

Destiny is a fast paced thriller from its unconventional beginning to its surprise ending. Link to: Amazon, Barns&Noble, Smashwords



This is the second book in the Cody Bryant series.

Terrorist William Crawford and his Army believe they are on a mission from God and must kill a senator elect before he rises to power as the Anti-Christ and bring the world into its final battle.

Cody Bryant’s brother is held captive by the terrorist organization and Cody is drawn into a conspiracy that threatens the United States government. Cody Bryant and his brother face almost certain death in the hands of the terrorist organization and Cody must defeat Crawford before he launches his final battle against the United States. Army of the White Horse is a fast moving thriller. Link to: Amazon, Barns&NobleSmashwords




 Veteran CIA Agent, Trevor Lloyd, is furious when he is called in from the field to a desk job at CIA Headquarters in Langley and he lets Margaret Ames, his new boss, know it.

Ames has a point to prove as the first female head of the CIA and isn’t taking any guff from Lloyd and assigns him to a routine investigation with FBI Agent Terri Summers, who has yet to get her feet wet. It leads them to NASA and an international conspiracy to bring the United States into a nuclear war with Russia.

In their effort to unravel the conspiracy, Lloyd and Summers discover an obscure company in California and a secret weapon that an enemy desperately wants; a weapon that the U.S. Congress has defunded, but secretly, the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, the U.S. Space Command, and the U.S. Air Force, all part of the Strategic Defense Initiative have continued to fund. The result of that program is the most destructive weapon the world has ever known...The Light Stream Laser.

It is late 1999 and the Light Stream computers have been compromised. Lloyd and Summers are on a run for their lives from an enemy that may be within their own organizations and they need to survive long enough to save the world from a devastating nuclear war. The Lightstream Conspiracy is a fast paced international thriller. Link to Amazon, Barns&Noble, Smashwords




Hot Ashes Cold Granite is the third novel in the Chad Beckman Mystery Series. Also see Leap of Faith and Lesser of Two Evils.

Bay View Mayor, Chad Beckman, is drawn into the secrets of Bay View’s past when Blake Roberts’ parents suddenly die leaving Blake the family mortuary and its secrets that have been dead and buried for many years. Chad helps his distraught friend sort through his parent’s possessions and the two find themselves in the basement of the funeral home where the crematorium is running on overtime burning the funeral home records. They discover the mortuary holds hidden secrets and too many bodies for the graves in the cemetery.

The mystery deepens when Chad and Blake are drawn back to a crypt in the shape of an obelisk that dominates the horizon of the graveyard and discover the killer has hidden secrets buried there.

Chad and Blake are drawn ever deeper into the graveyard’s secrets and Chad’s daughter shows up on his doorstep running away from her own secrets. Now those close to them are in danger of becoming hot ashes or being buried alive under the cold granite headstones of the cemetery. Link to: Amazon, Barns&NobleSmashwords 


James Cody only wants to be a firefighter long enough to earn his way through college, but a heroic act has now made that impossible. Painfully aware that no good deed goes unpunished James returns to his home town soon to find he is the prime suspect in the death of his mother from a horrific fire, spontaneous combustion. He soon realizes there is a plot to frame him for more deaths by fire. He confronts an old girlfriend, now a reporter, who is putting his family tragedy on the front page of the local paper. He finds solace in the arms of a new girlfriend who is helping to hold the family together, and is at odds with an old nemesis from high school, now the county sheriff, who is convinced James Cody is guilty. As James unravels the mystery of the tragic deaths he becomes aware that those closest to him are not always who they seem to be. Link to: Amazon, Barns&NobleSmashwords


Little Critters is a Writers Digest award winning short story of approx. 3000 words

When Dr. Pendergrass decides to steal an experimental cure for his heart problems, he discovers the cure may be worth the price he paid for it.
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      High school freshman Sonny Manning has hopes of achieving the impossible, making the varsity football team his freshman year. His dream comes crashing down when he causes the death of Ron Davis, the star player and the town, his teammates and seemingly everyone turns against him. With all hope lost and in the depths of depression, Sonny struggles to find a way out and is helped by putting his trust in unlikely alliances.

Sonny is compelled to tell his story about faith and how he turned a lost friendship and a hopeless future into a life more rewarding than he could have imagined. The result is his story, Jersey Twenty-Two. Link to: Amazon, Barns&Noble, Smashwords

























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